Kyivstar together with Nravokids launches “Superevento” action.

What’s more child likes: to draw with parents colored pencils and paints or to study the rules of the road? And what will be more useful? You can not choose! Create the new superhero for the popular Busy Wheels application: City Bus and get great gifts. The main winner of the action will be co-author of the game Busy Wheels: City Bus, because its supercar will become the hero of the application!
To take part in the competition, parents need:

1. Together with the child to draw his supercar, to create his name and super-talent. When drawing, do not forget to tell the child the rules of the road, which can be found here.

2. Place a picture before August 14, including on your Facebook page with hashtag #суперавтобус_київстар;

3. Place a link to your post at the promotional post on the Kyivstar page so that we can collect all the drawings.

August 15, the jury from Kyivstar and Nravovid will identify 10 finalists, their drawings and names will be published on the Kyivstar page. After that, everyone will be able to vote for the picture, which is considered to be the best of the selected jury. On August 18, the names of the 3 winners will be announced, which will receive the largest number of votes. And the picture that gathers the most votes – will be a co-author of the game. The gifts will be: 3 KidWatch children’s smart watches – for winners, 10 Kyivstar toy balls for small finalists and SPA for their mum.

You can read more about the rules of participation in the competition by following the link.

Give the green light to the safety and creativity of the children!


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